Wild boar and female deer hunting at SEFAG


SEFAG Erdészeti és Faipari Zrt. (English name: SEFAG Forestry and Timber Industry Company as a Close Corporation) as the biggest game management company in Hungary completes game management and hunting activity in 104,000 hectare. There are eight separated hunting districts where each type of the big game typical in Hungary can be found and hunted. The quality of the game stock being under management of the company is indicated by it that the hunting areas have been declared to be of very particular function and the red deer stock living here represents outstanding genetic values.


Our offer contains various possibilities of hunting events, like individual or group hunting (in free or fenced areas), horse-drawn carriage and their combination. In the eight hunting districts there are 11 lodges and 5 enclosures; capable of fulfil the highest expectations. The welltrained staff and their thorough activity as well as the quality of the hunting areas and the game stock provides guarantee of the very nice experiences for the visitors coming here.


Female deer
Female red deer 150 EUR
Female fallow deer 120 EUR
Female roe deer 40 EUR
Mouflon ewe, lamb 100 EUR

Wounding: 50 % of the shooting prices.

Wild boar


(from 50 kg and tusker up to 13,95 cm)

450 EUR
Pig 230 EUR
Piglet 95 EUR

Wounding: 50 %  of the shooting prices.

Lenght of tusks (cm) Price
14,00 - 15,95 cm 700
16,00 - 17,95 cm 1.000
18,00 - 19,95 cm 1.400
20,00 - 21,95 cm 2.000
22,00 cm -  2.400


Tusker wounding: 400 EUR

In case of broken tusks under 12 cm with an animal of more than 2 years of age, the price is 550 EUR.     


Other costs: 

  • Hungarian hunting license: 130 EUR
  • Trophy part and judgement: 30 EUR / pc
  • Accommodation, boarding: 100 EUR/ night / person with halfboard
  • Jeep: 1,2 EUR / km
  • Individual guidance: 30 EUR / person / day
  • Trophy delivery (if needed)