Small game hunting at Karcag


Magyarország png Karcag

Size of the area: 5000 ha

Accommodation: in a hunting lodge (class 1)

Game species: pheasant, brown hare, wild duck, semi wild duck


Average annual bag:

3,000 pheasants

3000 wild ducks

300 brown hares


Type of hunting: driven hunt or walked up


The Karcag-Apavári Forestry is located 170 km from Budapest, near Karcag, in an area of 5,040 hectares, which is bordered by highway number 4 and the highway connecting Karcag with Bucsa. A flat plain with a minimal difference in elevation. It is possible to hunt small game, brown hare, pheasant, wild duck and roe deer, typical of the area.


Semi wild pheasant and semi wild duck hunting expands the hunting opportunities, and small game hunting is also possible for groups of 6-10 people.


Guests are accommodated in the Karcag-Apavár hunting lodge. The hunting lodge has 7 double rooms and 1 single room (each room with its own bathroom).

Game Price (EUR) Takeaway
Pheasant 32 4,0
Brown hare 62 7,0
Semi wild duck 22 2,5
Wild duck 28 2,5


Other costs:

- Hunting license: 150 EUR / hunter

- Jeep: 1,5 EUR / km

- Traktor: 30 EUR / hour

- Accommodation, boarding:  88 EUR / day / hunter with halfboard

- Single room

- Sandwichpackage: 8 EUR / package

- Transfer