Roe buck hunting with fixed prices

Magyarország png Kiskunmajsa

In this field, except the parts with more forests, roe deer and small game are typical. Concerning density and quality, the roe deer stock is good to very good in the southern parts of the preserve, near Kiskunhalas, Kiskunmajsa, Bácsalmás and Tompa, however, it stands behind the stock of Szolnok and Békés. Many trophies bagged here get also a medal. Trophies around 250-450 g are often bagged, however, some trophies can exceed the weight of 500 g. Because of the local circumstances, roebucks can be hunt especially from jeeps. 


Roe buck up to 350 g      - 260 EUR

Roe buck 350 - 400 g      - 630 EUR

Other costs:

  • Hunting license: 100 EUR
  • Jeep: 35 EUR / outgoing
  • Trophy part and judgment: 20 EUR / pcs
  • Accommodation, boarding