Roe buck hunt with horse carriage


Size of the field: 21.000 ha

Magyarország png Nyírerdő

Hunt: stalking or horse carriage
Accommodation, boarding: in hunters lodge (I.class)

Recreational opportunity:

- Hortobágy National Park

- Zoo Debrecen

- Aqaticum Thermal SPA (Debrecen)

The almost completely forested Halápi hunting area is located at an easily accessible place, 15 km from Debrecen. The undisturbed and varied environment provides ideal conditions for the two main wild animal species, the roe deer and the wild boar. The size of the roe deer herd in the hunting area is kept at the maximum level required by the game-keeping capacity. The antlers of the roe deer bucks are medium in size, with an average trophy weight between 250 and 300 grams, however, a buck with a trophy weight between 400 and 500 grams is hunted each year. The trophies are beautiful, spectacular, have a nice groovy surface and an extremely beautiful colour. The roebuck hunting is primarily scheduled for the rutting period, because hunting during the roe deer rutting provides an unforgettable experience. This mode of hunting is extremely popular in the area. The hunting area of Bagamér is located along the Romanian border, in the hilly countryside of the Nyírség region and in the romantic valley of Kék-Kálló with its parkland forests. Due to the excellent habitat and geographical conditions, as well as the conservation, the population of the wild boar and the roe deer is already significant. Thanks to the proximity of Debrecen and Gúth, the hotel accommodation and catering options are perfect. Between the morning and the evening hunts, there are numerous cultural and leisure programs in the area to suit the needs of our guests.


Trophy weight (g) EUR
up to 299 g 235
300 – 349 g 350
350 – 450 g 1.070
Wounding: 50 % of the shooting price based on the estimated weight of the trophy.

Other costs:

  • Accommodation, boarding: 110 EUR / person / night with halfboard
  • Trophy shipping (if needed)
  • Jeep: 2,0 EUR / km
  • Hungarian hunting license: 120 EUR
  • Trophy judgment: 15 EUR / pc
  • Horse carriage : 15 EUR / hour