Mouflon ram hunting in Bakony Mountain

Magyarország Bakony

Field: free range

Average trophy size: 70-90 cm

Accommodation: in hunting lodge (I. class)

Wild: red deer, wild boar, mouflon

This hunting are is located north of the Lake Balaton, comprise the forest of Bakony and reaches the edge of Kisalföld. Geographically the area is manifold and rich in wildlife. The area, which is 70.000 ha, is divided into two parts by the forestry management: Zirc and Királyszállás.

This beautiful hilly hunting area mostly covered with oak and beech forest and lies 400-600 m above the sea level. This provides a great habitat for wild boars and red deers. As an open hunting area, wild boars can be hunted as driven hunt, which are very succesfull and popular in each year, or can be hunted as individual hunt. The red deer population of this area are exellent and unique, because of their dark colour. The average trophy size is about 6-8 kg.

Apart from these species in this montainous habitat you can find a very good mouflon population. The average horn lengs between 70-90 cm, half of the shooted ones earns medal.

Accomodation: 1st class hunting lodge in Alsópere. The lodge is located in the forest, far from the villages. 


Length of horn (cm) EUR + EUR / cm
–  69,99 cm 1.400 -
70,00 – 74,99 cm  1.500 + 80
75,00 – 79,99 cm 1.900 + 120
80,00 – 84,99 cm 2.500 + 150
85,00 – 89,99 cm 3.250 + 180
90,00 cm – 4.150 + 300


Wounding: 50 % of the  shooting price based on the estimated length of the trophy.  


Other costs: 

      • Accommodation, boarding: 96 € / day / person with halfboard
      • Jeep: 1,5 € / km
      • Individual cortege: 25 € /hunter/day
      • Trophy judgment: 25 € / pc
      • Trophy transport (if needed)
      • Hunting licence: 150 €

Each further service used and each further game shot are to be paid according tot he valid price list of Verga Zrt.