Fallow buck hunting in world famous Gyulaj


Magyarország Gyulaj

The Hungarian fallow deer trophies make up 60% of the first 50 on the present C.I.C. world rank list! On Gyulaj Co’s hunting grounds been taken fallow deer palms are on the top among these trophies both in quantity and quality. The most recent Hungarian and English written 2009 book (written by Prof. dr. Sándor Faragó, Director of Institute of Wildlife Management and Vertebrate Zoology, University of West- Hungary and commendation written by Kai Wollscheid, General Director, CIC), Our Natural- Hunting Heritage – The Most Excellent Game- Trophies of Hungary says about it: “Without exaggerating, the Gyulaj and the neighboring Tamási forests are Hungary’s fallow deer ‘paradise’… 11 of the first 50 fallow deer trophies on the world rank list come from Gyulaj“.

The legendary Gyulaj- Kádár- fallow buck had been kept its 1st place on the world rank list for 20 years (1972-1992).


Two hunting lodges just next to each other with the highest standards of hospitality. Air conditioned dinning room, wooden indoor sauna, etc. 


This two lodges was one of the favourite lodges of the top politicians of the Communist Party of Hungary as well as some previous counts and politicians


In Octobers the rutting sound of fallow deers is always heard from the surrounding woods giving unforgettable memories of our clients.


Trophy weight (kg) EUR + EUR / 10 g
- 2,50 kg 1.000 -
2,50 - 2,99 kg 1.000 + 12,0
3,00 - 3,49 kg 1.600 + 16,0
3,50 - 3,99 kg 2.400 + 32,0
4,00 - 4,49 kg 4.000 + 60,0
4,50 - 4,99 kg 7.000 + 80,0
5,00 kg - 11.000 + 85,0


Wounding: 50 % of the shooting prices based on the estimated weight of the trophy.


Other costs:

- Hungarian hunting license: 100 EUR

- Organisation cost: 50 EUR 

- Jeep: 1,35 EUR / km

- Accommodation, boarding: 105 EUR / night / person with halfboard in hunters lodge ( I. class)