Antilope hunting in Namibia in free range

Place of hunting: Namibia, 3,5 hours drive from the airport. 18.000 ha free range, which is directly neighboring to the Waterberg National Park. 

Date: april - october 2023.

Hunting can be combined with a visit to the Etosha National Park or the Namib desert, or sea fishing too. 

Daily rates:

  • 1 prof.hunter x 1 hunter     EUR 260,-/ hunting days
  • 1 prof.hunter x 2 hunters  EUR 230,-/ day / hunter
  • Observer  EUR 140,-/ day
  • Arrival day / departure day 140-140 EUR / hunter, 70-70 EUR / observer 

Daily rates include:

  • Professional Hunter
  • Tracker
  • Jeep using
  • Accommodation and fullboard
  • Beer and soft drinks
  • Washing


Advance payment: the calculated daily fee, but a minimum of EUR 1,000 + EUR 50 bank charges per hunter. The cost of any excursions must also be paid in advance.

Dropping fees: payable on site, in cash.

Visa: A visa is required. It can be picked up in Vienna at least 2 months before departure, or upon arrival at Windhoek airport. 

Vaccines: currently there are no mandatory vaccines, but vaccines against hepatitis and tetanus are recommended. However, a PCR test is obligatory.

Trophy prices ( EUR / pc)
Kudu 1400
Oryx 500
Red hartebeest 500
Eland 1400
Eland female 950
Warthog 375
Duiker 300
Steenbuck 300
Jakal free
Baboon free
Wildebeest black 1150
Wildebeest blue 1000
Impala 650
Springbuck 620
Burchell zebra 850
Cheetah 4500

Other costs:

  • Transfer: 400 EUR / 1-4 person/ in case of morning arrival. In case of arrival in the late afternoon or evening, one night must be registered.
  • Flytickets
  • Trophy taxidermy and delivery
  • Skinning: 50 EUR / necklether, 100 EUR / full skin

Wounding is considered shooting!