Roe buck package in Csongrád (small package)


Size of the field: 6.000 ha

Field: free range

Games: roe buck

Accommodation, boarding: in pension or in hotel


This area belongs to Csongrád County, the southeastern corner of Hungary. This is one of the most important agricultural regions. In most of the area, farming is carried out and the area has only 4% woodland.

In the eastern parts of the county there are woods, both small and large, as well as strips of woodland along the waterways and at the edges of the fields, which offer small game and roe deer ideal living conditions. All these and the vegetation growing wild on the place of deserted houses and gardens of former prospering farms offer an ideal habitat for roe deer. 

The bagged trophies weight generally 300 to 450 g. However, the average weight of antlers can be different from that, in some parts of the area along the Tisza near Szeged, where the soil is less sandy and therefore the vegetation is richer, trophies can be even heavier. The large roe deer population, which is of good quality, ensure good hunting. The proportion of trophies with medals is great under the roebuck shot here. A roebuck trophy of 500 g or more is not rare. The roebuck hunts in April and May are usually from a vehicle. The rutting season is about end of July.

About the accommodation, we offer you various guest houses, smaller pensions and even hotels with extended services. You can visit the sights of Szeged, or take part in some excellent programmes. 


Price:  1285 €


The price includes:    


3 roe bucks 0 - 350 g  ● 3 hunting days (6 outgoing) ● Professionel hunter 1:1 ●  Jeep using ● Hunting license  ● Accommodation with breakfast  ●Trophy part and judgment


Wounding is considered shooting!


The prices does not include: 


- Other shooting rates and services

- Trophy transport (if needed)

- Dinner


In case of unsuccesful hunting the price is lowered by 200 EUR / buck.


If the hunting guest voluntarily shoots a larger trophy than indicated in the program, or shoots more than 3 deer, the full shooting price according to the Hunting Price List of the Kiskunmajsa VT must be paid.