Female deer hunting in East-Hungary with horse cart in wold famous Gúth


Size of the field: 16.000 ha
Accommodation: in hunters lodge ( I. class)

The now world-famous hunting area of Gúth has been managed by the forestry company since 1957, and achieved it's fame when the European fallow deer was introduced in 1972. The trophies of the European fallow deer bucks shooted here hold top three places in the world rankings. This is the only hunting area in the world that has already won the Edmond Blanc Award of the C.I.C. (International Council for Game and Wildlife Conservation) twice. This is also due to the two world records, but most of all, the work done here, the coordination of game management, environmental protection and nature conservation were awarded with it. The area has been a treasure to be preserved for the world since 1997; it has a special purpose for the gene conservation of the fallow deer stock. In addition to the European fallow deer, roebuck, red deer and winter game hunts add colour to the hunting palette. Individual hunting and hunting in groups, big game hunting on horse-drawn carriages, hunting from hunters’ high seat, individual still-hunting, deer calling, chasing, big game chasing are all available here. Two first-class hunting lodges and one second-class guesthouse satisfy all the needs of the hunting guests in this area.


Lenght of tusks (cm) EUR + EUR / mm
up to 12,00 cm 300 -
12,00 - 14,00 cm 300 + 10,0
14,00 - 16,00 cm 500 + 17,0
16,00 - 18,00 cm 840 + 20,0
18,00 - 20,00 cm 1.230 + 25,0
20,00 - 22,00 cm 1.730 + 36,0
22,00 - 24,00 cm 2.450 + 41,0
from 24,00 cm 3.270 + 65,0


Female red deer: 130 EUR
Red deer calf: 90 EUR
Female fallow deer: 130 EUR
Fallow deer calf: 90 EUR
Sow (from 50 kg): 280 EUR
Pig (up to 50 kg): 115 EUR
Wounding: 50 % of the shooting price.


Other costs:

    • Hungarian hunting licence: 120 EUR / hunter
    • Jeep:  2,0 EUR / km
    • Horse cart: 15 EUR / hour
    • Accommodation, boarding: 115 EUR / day / person with halfboard
    • Sngle room